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The head office of Swiss Prime Taste AG is located in Switzerland in 8355 Aadorf, between Wil and Winterthur/Frauenfeld.

Our quality assurance "Swiss Prime Taste Vietnam" is located in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon). We work exclusively and directly with personally known contract farms and maintain personal contacts on site, flying to Vietnam several times a year.

The process management, documentation and the necessary controls are carried out by our office directly on site. From "fishing" to loading. Quality guidelines are precisely implemented and adhered to. We work exclusively with audited farms, with verifiable / traceable raw material from our own hatchery. As SPT and SPT Vietnam, we celebrate constant and open communication in all matters.

We constantly inform our partners about news, processes and sometimes also about delays in transport ( Panama & Suez ) and / or about feasibility in individual product specifications. As a safe "harbour" in the procurement of Black Tiger & Vannamei with the best quality and consistent specifications, Vietnam is our focus. The partnership-based co-operation in Vietnam, with selected contract farmers / packers, for years, gives us and them the necessary trust. We don't promise anything we can't deliver.


SPT AG, founded in Feb 2022 as a successor to an established Swiss organisation, was able to achieve another solid and positive result with the acquisition of existing customers in the seafood sector for Europe / CH, as well as consolidated infrastructures in Vietnam. Our corporate philosophy is based on subtancial core themes such as honest partnership, straightforwardness, working customer- and result-orientated, innovative and discovering new things.

New in 2023 - Swiss Prime Taste AG - GlobalGAP certified - we offer further security in procurement for our partners.

As a high-performance company in production / procurement / quality assurance, we guarantee a smooth process defined according to the highest standards from the moment the order is placed. With the placement of Black Tiger Shrimps from extensive breeding without e-substances under our own brand "GlüxShrimps", we are continuing on our growth course and have been able to gain further noteworthy and traditional trading partners in the DACH region.

In addition, we were able to fill a gap in demand as a direct sales channel with our 24/7 frozen shrimp vending machines and plan to realise further locations in 2024. This will also support our brand strategy, enabling us to experience YTD growth of over 32%. As a USP in online shipping, we ship exclusively with straw boxes and thus reduce the effort of disposal at the end customer, can ensure the core temperature of the goods from -20 C to 22 hours. Straw is a climate-neutral, compostable and constant "by-product".

According to our assessment and external studies, the shrimp market is developing in such a way that the demand for untreated / chemical-free products from transparent & trustworthy production facilities, in combination with fair prices and without "labelling", is constantly increasing. Vietnam is the world market leader in terms of quality and consistency.

A survey of over 9000 newsletter subscribers in Switzerland revealed that certifications play a subordinate role in purchasing. 68% of customers surveyed buy from smaller / more transparent trading partners on the basis of trust. Ingredients that the end consumer is not aware of (e.g. e-substances such as E586, E451, E330, E452, E500) are, according to 82%, prioritised over buying "locally" and alternatives, even if this involves delays.

92% of the customers surveyed place value and trust in the product's rearing / production / the plausibility of traceability and the manufacturing / processing process, as well as an understanding of the logistics and delivery routes. The direct communication / uncompromising and open transparency of all product specifications strengthens the necessary trust for a further purchase.

We would like to thank you very much for your attention / loyalty and the trust you have placed in us and look forward to a continued successful and long-term partnership.

Best wishes, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year for a healthy, happy and prosperous new year.

Christoph Bacher - CEO

December 2023

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